Stock Reconciliation - Set Valuation Rate of Zero in stock items


I currently have some items 0 in quantity.

What I did was using the Stock Recon Tool to set its valuation rate. However, although it says submitted, when I checked my Stock Ledger, valuation rate is still 0.

Also, is it possible to allow negative quantity in stock recon?

Perpetual Inventory is checked. And we allow negative stock.

I have read the following threads



You have mentioned that Item’s current stock level is zero. Perhaps that’s the reason it is showing valuation rate as zero as well.

Please elaborate your requirement of negative stock and valuation with an example.

Hello @umair

Thank you!

I tried to do Material Receipt after Stock Recon but Valuation Rate is still $0.00

Negative stock happens usually at the start of using ERPNext when user have negative stock on hand. i.e. Purchased before ERPNext but delivered after.

The only way I can set the Valuation Rate to an item with zero stock is by doing the following.

  1. Material Receipt of item to set quantity to 1
  2. Do Stock Recon, set qty to item to 0 with Valuation Rate