Stock Reconciliation - Updating Items - Difference Amount Issue

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Every time that I’m going through a new stock reconciliation I get some problems updating items quantities to zero.

The problem lies when I set a value of any item to zero.
Supposing that I initially have 12 bottles of water, in which the value of each bottle is $1, when I update the item to zero I should get a difference amount value of -$12. Is that correct?
This feature works just fine when I’m updating the items, adding or removing, but not setting to zero.

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@Joao_Carvalho Have you found a solution? It is 2021 and I still face that problem.

@ETCOMed_Eg- I found the solution!

The issue comes down the system incorrectly reflecting the ‘Current Qty’ shown in the ‘before reconciliation’ section of the stock recon form.

This then results in the’ difference amount’ being different to the amount posted in the ledger.

The amount posted in the ledger is however correct as the system carries out a real time check of the current qty of the stock item in the related whse just at the time of posting to the ledger.

This difference in timing between the creation of the stock entry and the posting to the financial ledger is what is causing the anomaly .

I do hope I’ve explained it clearly enough.:slight_smile:

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Thank you @Eli