Stock reorder based on ARS - like SAP

Hi There,

Although ERPNext provides a good alternative to SAP, but lacks in some things.

Auto Replenishment System in SAP has good usage, I am unable to achieve the same with auto reorder level & auto reorder qty.

I am trying to achieve stock reorder based on stock level in warehouse, rather than reorder qty in Item master.

For Example if Item A has stock balance of 2300 Units in warehouse, safety stock mentioned is 5000 units, then I need to auto create material request of 2700 units i.e Safety Stock - Current Stock balance.

What happens with auto reorder level & qty is, If I set auto reorder level to 3500 & reorder qty to 1500, if my current stock balance is 2300 Units, the system will generate material requests of 1500 Units only.

Can anyone guide me to achieve this goal on my manual setup.
I am running
ERPNext: v13.23.0 (version-13)
Frappe Framework: v13.23.0 (version-13)


Does Safety Stock come into play? The docs mention something about Reorder Level = Safety Stock + (Average Daily Consumption * Lead Time). Not sure if that matters


hi @smino

It doesn’t work with safety stock.

I’ve tried it in production setup.