Stock report ( Matrix Style)


I am having problems with the stock reports that i am used to. We are a textile company having variants mainly in size and colour. It is just that the stock reports are showing in a different version than what i am looking for. Can any one help me to customise it according to my needs.

I wanted the reports to be shown in a matrix style rather than the linear style.

You can do it by Script Report :slight_smile:

Hi there

Can you tell me the steps please?

Check this help to get started.

You can also refer to standard Script reports in ERPNext for the reference.

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Thanks Umair

Unfortunately i am not a developer so have no idea how to do it. I can upload a file that i want it to look like that is there any way if you could tell me if that is possible to do it or not? I have uploaded a screenshot.


Yes this is possible, you can post at ERPNext Job portal if you need a developer to do it for you :slight_smile: