Stock Setting Error Message while creating purchase invoice

Below is the screenshot of a purchase invoice that I have tried creating for a ‘x’ Purchase Receipt. Do you know why this error message pops up?

For the time being I have removed the actual item from Purchase invoice and used miscellaneous item to bill for this amount. But if you could help us finding out the root cause it would be great.

I just replicating this issue in my test account.

To allow Overbilling, setting has to be done in the Buying Setting.

Buying > Buying Settings

Uncheck field Maintain same rate throughout purchase cycle

With this setting, you will be able to create Purchase Invoice with a different rate than Purchase Receipt. I have made required fix to replace Stock Settigs with Buying Setting.

Thanks umair

It has already been unchecked. Is there any other setting to get rid of this error in future?


What is the item rate in Purchase Receipt?

Are you changing Item’s Rate in Purchase Invoice? If yes, what is the revised rate?


abhi is right. If check field “Maintain same rate throughout purchase cycle” then will be an other error message. For example, Like that

I ran into the same problem and after analyzing situation I came to conclusion that it is necessary to make the following changes:

in \erpnext\accounts\doctype\purchase_invoice\

  • self.validate_multiple_billing("Purchase Receipt", "pr_detail", "amount", "items")
  • self.validate_multiple_billing("Purchase Receipt", "pr_detail", "qty", "items")

in \erpnext\accounts\doctype\sales_invoice\

  • self.validate_multiple_billing("Delivery Note", "dn_detail", "amount", "items")
  • self.validate_multiple_billing("Delivery Note", "dn_detail", "qty", "items")

In my case I had a problem at different Rate in the Purchase Receipt and Purchase Invoice.

After changes I can input another price, but can’t change quantity

So message “To allow over-billing, please set in Stock Settings” is correct, because Stock Setting says about the quantity:
“Percentage you are allowed to receive or deliver more against the quantity ordered. For example: If you have ordered 100 units. and your Allowance is 10% then you are allowed to receive 110 units.”