Stock Summary Report does not show items with zero quanitity

I was wondering if there is any if zero items can also be shown at this report. Like I have items which are out of stock and not available and I would like to be shown those items in the Stock Summary Report as (0).
Any help would be much appreciated.

Is there any results from this?

According to this documentation, Stock Projected Quantity should be showing all itens with projected quantity. The item I registered with 0 entry stock is not showing.

I need to know what items are lacking in the stock, so I can order new ones. If they do not appear on the Stock Summary Report, could it be another report that show this information?

Thanks for advance.
Obs.: I am using ERPnext 14.

Does anyone know a solution for this?

I mean… only thing I want to is to see low stock itens on inventory. Makes no sense that this one does not appear.