Stock transfer from one branch warehouse to another within the same company

My company has two warehouses with independent store keepers in two different states.How do implement a warehouse transfer functionality which will
1.Generate the relevant GST compliant delivery notes
2.allow the origin warehouse to SHIP only and destination warehouse to receipt only in their respective warehouse
3.Furthermore there is a transit time of two days.
This is a pretty standard transfer order functionality in most ERP. How do I do this in ERPNEXT.

Treat both warehouse as customer and Supplies with independent account head of interplant

Hi Sumit

Firstly thanks for responding to my email. But could you elaborate.

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Did you get and solution ?

Hi Amar,

Welcome to ERPNext and here’s hoping you have a great time using it.

Frankly, ERPNext cannot do what you describe without some customizations. The trouble is not that you cannot do that, but that you want such intra-company transfers:

  1. To figure in your GST Reports for GST filing purposes
  2. But not double count the sales figures

Your best bet is to use the GST Reports for external sales and plug in the figures for Intra-Company sales manually. If you are okay about doing that, here’s one way you can do that:

Do a Stock Entry Purpose: Material Issue and issue out the material. If you have perpetual inventory turned on, use Intra-Company Transfers as the difference account to charge it to. Build a Print format that presents this document as a GST Delivery Note with GST charged on the Transfer Price.

Two days later, when the Truck reaches your other location get the other person at that stores to do a Stock Entry Purpose Material Receipt and use the same valuation figures as the Corresponding Stock Entry Purpose: Material Issue. Again chargethe same difference account Intra-Company Transfers.

Keeping a Tab of the Intra Company Transfer account will give you a pulse of what’s going on and the errors that your people are making.

You could also use Stock Entry Purpose: Material Transfer and transfer the Material to a Transit Warehouse. Once the Truck reaches the destination, you could transfer the items from the Transit Warehouse to the target warehouse. Just running a stock balance report of the transit warehouse will give you a sense of what’s going on.

with a bit of customization you can use a Make button and make the inbound transaction from the outbound transaction.

You are also welcome to use the option: Send to Warehouse and Receive from Warehouse options in the Stock Entry Purpose field.

If you are okay about transit materials hitting your P&L for a short while use Stock Entry Purpose Material Issue & Receipt. If not, you can use Stock Entry Purpose Material Transfer.

Hope this helps.



Thanks for the revert and apologies for my delayed response. I spoke to the ERP NEXT and shared some insights on how this is done in other ERP like MICROSOFT NAVISON. They are testing the same and may roll-out in the core itself.




That’s excellent.

Thanks for the update.


Hello, Jayram. Where is send to warehouse option in stock entry in Erpnext version 13. It’s not present in stock entry type list. Is it replaced with another functionality? If it removed what is the reason?