Stock transfer from one project to another

Dear Members,

Can a stock purchased against a project be transferred to another project and if possible whether the stock will get reduced and get added between the projects.

Please suggest a document type and would be happy if explained in detail as I am new to ERPNext.

Welcome govind,

A Project involves Tasks and resources that relate to a service area or activity, whereas Stock relate to Items produced, bought or sold, stored in a Warehouse and so on.

Can you be more specific or clarify what you seek to transfer in your case?

Thank you Sir.

We are manufacturers of hosiery garments. We buy raw materials such as yarn and sending them to job workers for knitting, dyeing and other fabric finishing jobs and manufacture the garment in our factory.

We use to create sale orders and projects. The projects are linked with sale orders.

We raise Purchase Orders against the Projects for buying raw materials and other services like knitting to fabric finishing.

Now, the raw materials purchased through a particular PO against a project, may, in some extra ordinary cases, need to be used for an other project linked with an another sale order.

Can these stocks purchased against a particular project be transferred to another project and how these stock transfer be accounted against the new project for which we intend to transfer?

Hope, I have explained my requirement. I request you to share your experience in this scenario, in detail.

Thanks for the details govind. I have no experience to relate to you.

Your Project description suggests what ERPNext would call a Work or Production Order.

For your use case I suggest these guides for reading

Thank you sir.

Will go through the guides shared through the links.

I think this is what some other ERPs call “Project Stock”. Their usage is such that items procured as project stock are ring-fenced for that project and can only be consumed (issued to) the project or its child tasks. It’s useful for making sure that items for for specific projects aren’t used for other purposes in error.

I’m not sure ERPNext has this feature yet but a good approximation would be to create a dedicated warehouse per project.