Stock UOM conversion in Sales

how do you do UOM conversion for quotation/sales order/invoice?

We buy stock in boxes containing 50 units and sell the boxes as well as individual units.

Would like to change UOM for quotations etc to quote on a single unit - currently it only allows quote/invoice by box.
I have created a second stock unit for single units but want it to link back to the box for stock inventory purposes.
Want to see we have 10 boxes and 20 single units in stock for main stock unit.


Hi @molbol,

If you want to sell a particular item in two units then you must create two items and give them two different units. Two UOM for a single item are not available for proper and ethical valuation of the item.

Hope this helps.


Hi Shachi,

Thank you for the reply.
I realize I’m not clear on what I want.
I have two stock items:

  1. Paper rolls - box (containing 50 rolls) - UOM = box
  2. Paper rolls - single - UOM = unit

When I buy stock, I’m buying in boxes and thus only receive boxes into stock but I am selling the single rolls as well resulting in breakup of a box and effectively no boxes left in stock.

for example say I buy one box then my stock says I have 1 box in stock and no single rolls. Thus I cannot sell single rolls since I don’t have any in stock. If I receive it into stock on box code as 1 box and as 50 single units on single stock code, I can sell single units but then stock is wrong as it states that I have 1 box AND 50 singles while in fact I only have either one of the two - in other words I have 1 box OR 50 single units.

My previous system allowed me to link the single stock code to the box stock code with an UOM conversion to show the correct stock quantities

I hope that makes it a bit clearer


@molbol does Product Bundle work for you?