Stock valuation Problem

I want my inventory to show Average method for valuation purpose.
I have also selected “Moving AVG Method” for valuation purpose but its not working.
Can anybody help me with this plz?

Can you please elaborate with any example or preferably screenshots? What have you done and what you find wrong?

One item cost is Sr-60, if next time i purchase it on discount
Sr-50… it still shows cost Sr-60. how can i get avg. cost for
valuation purpose
and is it possible when i make purchase invoice it should automatically get
avg. cost not Sr-60 which was recorded at first place???

Valuation Rate is only affected from Stock transactions, in this case Purchase Receipt. If you make 2 Purchase Receipt with rate 60 and 50, system should calculate valuation rate as 55. To check valuation rate, please check Stock Ledger / Stock Balance report.

ok its correct now.
thanks man