Stop changing posting date in every change (sales invoice)

I have many employee working in invoice and posting date & Posting time change on very save
and may be submit after several days by manager
i wont to fix posting date with the date of first created on

You need to check “edit Posting Date and Time”, then this will remain fixed. Consider Menu > Customize and set the default to checked.

Hope this helps.

yes i know
but account manger need to submit more than 300 invoice once
select all and press action and choose submit.
in this situation most of date are after payment due date and this enforce account manage to go one by one.
i need solution to stack posting date as the same as creation date
thanks for your help

i do that but its effect only on new draft invoice not current invoices.
waiting for help

You can use the bulk update process, select doctype, field and set to 1…

this is work around
1 error : but all invoices now are get error that the post date is after the payment due date
i need permanently fixed solution to not change after creation date
2 error : when make check default is 1 to always check it successful when creating directly sales invoice
but fail when create sales invoice form delivery note and in our company delivery note is always required