Stop functionality on purchase orders


We have a ‘Stop’ functionality on sales order lines that we need to close. It would be great to have this same functionality applied to purchase orders. Is there any way in erpnext to get it done?

“Stop” functionality also available on Purchase Order.
First you create Purchase Order,Submit it.
Inside “Status”- Stop option is available.
You can Stop them.

Thanks for your response.

We currently use this functionality that you are suggesting,however it applies to the whole transaction. We want to be able to stop individual lines on a purchase order.

Is it possible to stop it at line level?

Why/how could you put a STOP order on an individual line item of a purchase order? If the material comes in in several shipments you can issue multiple purchase receipts. If you want to change the purchase order you probably should amend and resend it to the supplier.

I’m not sure I understand the usage case for stopping at line level? Can you provide details?


I don’t see a Stop option under “status” for the Purchase Order or Sales Order ??
How to get it ??

Hi Abhinav

What do you wish to stop exactly? Sales/purchase order line or the whole sales/purchase order?

After submitting, you see Status button, under it is Close option.

Right now in erpnext you can “Stop” Whole PO/SO. can not stop order line by line(item wise)
for that you need to customize this.


Thanks Shraddha,

I am happy with “STOP” option for the whole PO, but I am not getting that option on my screen.
What I get is only “Close” Option.

What I read in earlier posts, there should also be a stop option.

@abhijaps Don’t hesitate to Click the “Close” button, it will do the same thing what Stop would have done.

Hi @abhijaps,

From version-6
‘Stop’ is merged with ‘Close’

Means now you can use “close” button
because upto version-5 Stop button are available .
from version-6 to current version it display as Close.