Stop running tests after the first error or failure

Hello guys!

I use:

Bench version: 4.1.0
ERPNext version: 7.0.21
Frappe version: 7.0.18

Could you please help me - do we have option stop tests execution if first error happens?

bench run-tests

What options do we have for test executions?

@Katerina_Romanchuk you can run selective tests

bench run-tests --doctype "Sales Order" --test test_my_method

Edit: see

bench run-tests --help

So there are no options for tests stopping( Ok, I see, thanks

frappe@erpnext:~/frappe-bench$ bench run-tests --help
Usage: bench run-tests [OPTIONS]

Run tests

–app TEXT For App
–doctype TEXT For DocType
–test TEXT Specific test
–driver TEXT For Travis
–module TEXT Run tests in a module
–help Show this message and exit.