Stop user from touching submitted invoices more than 30 days old

need a custom script for users not be able to edit/amend sales invoices after invoice date + 30 Days

@malani_mahesh that seems like a strange requirement, can you explain why that is? Maybe you should consider removing the “cancel” and “amend” rights of such users if you think they are doing something wrong.

Sure, it is a strange requirement, but some user ( with rights ) try to “update” some old records which they are not allowed to. considering to remove their cancel/ammend rights will make again dismantle their ability to do corrections of “fresh” transactions.

Maybe considering freeze option can be explored.

That is the best option!

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In general the framework could benefit from a “freeze”, this would change the default workflows. I can think of other cases in which you want to freeze too. Which is basically a non cancellable submit.

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The Freeze Option is restricted to accounts.

Coming here again after 20 Days … My requirement is somehow more narrowed to end transactions like sales invoices and purchase invoices.

In India, with the GST scenario, we have to upload the returns every month. Now, once the Returns are uploaded, I would like to lock / freeze the sales invoices and purchase invoices ( purchase invoices based on supplier invoice date )

Some thing like a custom script that restrict All the users to not be able to cancel and ammend transactions after the lock is manually put for a specified “From” to “To” Period.

Any help will be highly appreciated.