Stops suddenly - Unable to access website

Stops suddenly.
Initially i am able to access my erpnext website without any problem.
Then suddenly for no reason it stops working.

Can someone explain why this is the case.

You need to supply MUCH more information before anyone can help you.

How much memory and swap space does your machine have, for example?

If the server simply is slow to respond then you may have a system resource problem.

If it will not even let you logon to the system then it you should probably check your ‘fail2ban’ logs.

If fail2ban detects anything suspicious in the way of activity, it will ban the local IP address of your client site (for 10 minutes at a time if you have not altered the defaults). When the ban expires, you can access the site again.

Anyway… if you find the ip address of your client site in the ban log, then you need to evaluate how the client site is interacting with the server.

Then again, it could be something else completely. As @MartinHBramwell indicated, there is really not enough information here to be of help.

You will need to tell us more about what is going on. Some history, any recent changes, when it started, how long system was running before this started, etc. and so on.


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