Strange behavior - can't add or change Employee picture

Hi… I want to put a picture to an employee, but, after the picture appears “mysty”, the picture disappears… so… It seems like the pictures are in a chmod 444 or 666 folders… But I don’t know if it is the issue… The fact is: I can’t change or add pictures…

As you can see, the attachment is locked, and the BL logo space still empty.

Some idea?

it also happened to me, and I was confused

I have also faced the same issue.

It’s overriding the user image with employee image.
Everytime while saving the employee form it’s automatically update the image of employee from user form but unfortunately user form don’t have user-image.

I have fixed the issue and also sent the pull request.

For Quick Fix, You may change the User Image and link the same user to Employee. It’ll update employee Image automatically.


Great!! Thanks!!