Strange behavior in items - possible naming issue?

I renamed some items whose name was in quotes, (metal jig “17” to metal jig 17)

but when i was creating the invoices in offline pos , one of the invoices went in draft after syncing , when trying to submit ,it gave me an error for a item telling that valuation rate is required ,

On inspecting the item in the invoice i saw a new item was created named as the old name (metal jig “17”) as a single item with same selling rate but with no valuation rate or stock.
Showing its created by me at the same time of invoice.

The actual item (metal jig 17-variant) is still present with no changes…

but for some reason system inserted the item with old name and saved it in draft and when it didn’t find created a new item with that name.

is this related to the naming issue which i believe is in feb milestone?


Please post a link that would help for the uninformed here…

sure ,