Strange behaviour - Error "Naming Series is required"

First steps in using the Buying module.

When entering a Purchase Order I can save it as long as I’m not entering a rate. As soon as the rate is entered and the calculation is made on an items-line I’m not able to save anymore. I get a message: “Naming Series is required”. I’m sure it has something to do with the Item, but I can’t figure out what is happening exactly… When I remove the rate and put 0 there, I can save the Purchase Order.

I have one single item available for this test - it has the standard naming and the series field is also populated. On top of that this issue goes for purchase orders and supplier quotation. Material Request does work as expected…

Any ideas or help very appreciated!

ERPNext: v13.13.0 (version-13)
Frappe Framework: v13.13.0 (version-13)

May be some issue with item prices as all the transactions mentioned are with rate field. Can you try to create item price separately and try to call the price in PO?

Yes! That was the issue apparently. I did not have any prices for the Item. I’m not 100% in to how they actually work but I’ve added Buying and Selling prices and now I can make purchase orders. The prices are not shown, but at least I can change them!

Thank you for bringing me this insight!

In the stock settings. tick on the checkbox “Auto Insert Item Price If Missing” and check if the rates are coming automatically.

“Auto Insert Item Price If Missing” was already checked, so that did not do the trick. As the message was directing me in the way of the Naming and not to where the actual issue - the not existing of any prices for the item - I was lost and I thank you for pointing out where to look for it. ERPNext seems much, much deeper than I thought… and it will take me a lot more time to explore and understand how this is working. I thank you for your help!

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