Strange behaviour in repack - bug

Hi all,
I am experiencing recently a strange behaviour in Stock Entry - Material Repack.

Normally the difference between the input and output will be credited and debited between the stock asset (which is the warehouse) and the difference account.

Now I have very strange behaviour. See below.
The difference between what is going out then back in is around 565 Zk.
So normally the accounting entry should be of that amount between stock asset and difference account. Instead it is very different and it skew the whole system.

Why would my stock asset all a sudden increase by 273,705. Where is that number coming from even?

Please help as it is screwing up our all P&L report.


The normal behaviour should be to add “the total value difference”, ZK 565.65, to stock assets and the appropriate expense account. But not like here that huge amount.

@Francois_Ifitwala thanks for reporting

@nabinhait can you check?

Check Stock Ledger report for the stock entry. And check what is the total “Stock Value Difference”.

I guess there is some other back-dated entry after this entry which changed the valuation rate of the outgoing items by a very large amount. That changed the outgoing valuation if this stock entry, but did not changed the valuation of repacked item. That way, there is a value difference between outgoing items and repack item.