Strange behaviour on value of difference in stock transfering

Hi, is this behavior correct?

this is an stock entry. It appears to be correct with no difference between in and out.

but this is the resulting ledger… I can’t figure out where this value came from!

Hi @outerlook

Did you enable the allow negative stock in stock settings?

@rohit_w yes.
This messes with this numbers then?

I use an intermermediate warehouse on my workflow, when we send some products to another city. This warehouse ends with 0 stock at the end of the day, but sometimes delivery entry comes after receiving entry… then it may be negative for some time. It won’t be able to compensate correctly like this then, right?

Hi @outerlook

Perpetual inventory won’t works perfectly with the negative stock because, in terms of allowing negative stock, the system calculates improper valuation rate which causes the issue of incorrect accounting entries. To fix this issue, add positive stock using stock reconciliation before the date of the stock entry in which you’re facing this issue. Once you submit the backdated stock reconciliation entry, the system will re-post the accounting entries and your issue will fix

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