Strange issue with Email

Hi there,

We are having strange issues with email not being sent out from ERPNext. Emails are being sent out when we use Menu -->Email from any doctype. Also I can see that there is a record of it under Communications. But when ever a user assign a document (i.e. invoice) to any users within the company, the emails are not being sent out. The user don’t get any error message. There is no records of it under Communications. Also there is no error under frappe-bench/logs. There are no lock files under sites folder for our site. I also checked /var/log/mail.err and mail.log and there are no entries. If Administrator assign any documents to anyone then emails are being sent out. Why isn’t it working for other users? Please help.
We are using Office365 as our email platform.
Installed Apps Doris ERPNext Extensions: v0.0.1
ERPNext: v6.8.4
Frappe Framework: v6.8.1

@mayur_hotmail could be issues with your scheduler.

What is the output of bench doctor ?

Thanks @rmehta.

This issue is resolved. We decided to use different smtp server instead of as it is very strict with who has what permission when sending emails. But while testing this, we also discovered a bug which I have reported to @anand.

Thanks for your support.