Strange Issue with Site Crashing

I have a bit of a strange situation I was hoping somebody might have some sort of direction to point me. First of all, we recently migrated from Google Cloud over to Digital Ocean. The migration meant that we went from the “Bitnami” to “Normal” versions of ERPNEXT. Migration was done by backing up Google Cloud sql.gz file and the two .tar files and restoring on the Digital Ocean server. Initially everything seemed to be working perfectly, but after the first day of use, we began getting connection time outs. We would reboot server and nothing would happen -same timing out. After about 5 to 10 minutes the site would come back up, but usually for just ten minutes or so.
Here’s the strange part…the site can always be accessed on our cell phones - either through the app or by typing in the address on the phone’s browser. I thought it might be an issue with internal network, router or whatever, so we switched over to the phones “hotspot”…same results - the site goes up and down.
Finally I tried restoring yet another time…thinking it might be the server, but alas, we still have the same issue.
Any ideas at all?