Strange output when adding Supplier Number on Purchase Order Series

Naming Series is PO-.so_number.-.supplier_number

ex. Supplier Number is AB, but after the doc is name it becomes AB00001

Any ideas why?

Is the supplier number part of an automatic naming series?

I have this in Supplier, do I have to remove SUPP- & SUP- ?

Hi @johnskywalker,

The 00001 is a part of the number series. Number has to be included to avoid duplicate POs. Hope this helps.

What is the content of the supplier_number naming series?

change your naming series to


that will generate the following document name

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its just letters, e.g. AB

I dont want the supplier number to have numbering. As seen on my screenshot my supplier number is just AB

Even if you didnt specify it?

Yes. You can change the number of digits though (.### for 3 digits, .#### for 4 digits…). In case the no. of digits aren’t specified the default is 5.

I see, so it seems that there’s no way of specifying not put digits.

Correct there is no way to disable digits, but just curious why do you want to enter supplier number as PO number ?

Actually there is a way just go in doctype of Purchase Order and in autoname insert the following:

field: supplier_number

Make sure supplier_number field is set as unique

I can answer this. If you have one sales order with multiple items/suppliers, you would have SO-123456. It would be easy to identify the associated purchase orders if the PO# matched. In this case, it would be PO-123456-SUPPLIERCODE. So, you would easily know that PO belonged to that SO. You would only have one PO for each supplier on an order so this makes sense. :slight_smile:

Yes you cant. This is done to ensure that there are no two doctypes with the same name.