Strategy on migrating data from legacy erp to erpnext

I am using the free online version to explore ERPNEXT and I want to include as much data as I can from my legacy software I have used for 18 years. I have been using the import tool and creating .csv files with mixed results because it seems some other information needs to be defined in ERPNEXT first. I am looking for a step by step strategy. What is the correct sequence of import tool templates to use. And do I need to define price lists, warehouses and groups etc. before I start the uploads? I have not been able to find answers after searching for a few days and experimenting on my own. I am not a developer and not familiar with programming language but I do understand EXCEL and CSV files. My current software is: dos based, novell, btrieve and an ERP called Touchstone 2000. I have 4 users but I distribute 3000 SKUs mostly paint and hardware products for buildings.

@herb Did you used ERPNext Data Import Tool.
Before uploading master make sure all relevant data is present.
Like before uploading Item Master make sure Warehouse is present.

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@herb welcome to the forum. Read this:

Thank you. I was getting a little overwhelmed and did not see the answer in my own question. Back to the grind stone for now.

@herb You need to keep some time aside for setting up the system. its a one time investment and totally worth it :smile:

Is there a chance someone near Cleveland Ohio has some experience with the program. I would like to see it in action if possible.
Thank you