Streamline line item on Sales invoice/ sales order form

Hi, Im very new to ERPnext and evaluating it for use in our business.

In working with the sales invoice and sales order forms, I find that it is very time consuming to enter each sales item, as you have to expand each item in order to capture qty and discount.

I wanted to make the form simple so when entering the individual items it will just ask for Stock code, show the item description and ask for qty and any line item discount %, with the extended totals shown for each line.
The POS view is more what im looking for for item entry, but it does not allow discount per line item, also if I have many items there is not much room on the left for the item Icons.

I have tried to work with the form customization, but any changes I make seem to have no effect on the actual form. I am going through setup, customise, customise forms.

What am I doing wrong. I am currently using a test hosted solution on frappe, so maybe it does not allow form customisation on the cloud version?

Is it possible to setup the form in the way I have descibed.

many thanks in advance.


@Graham_Nori, welcome to the forum.

The POS view is exactly for this purpose:

Thank you for your reply.

The only additional aspect of the POS view that I need is discount at a line item level, otherwise it would be perfect. Is it possible for me to customize that change.

On a more general question, I was unsure why the changes I made to the customized invoice form did not show, was that because I cant make changes on the hosted site and need to use my own version or is there something else I need to do?




Yes discount in POS is on the todo list. I think you can add a final discount, but for itemized discounts, you can always switch views once you have build the order.

What kind of changes did you make.

Thanks thats great, any idea when discounts on pos will be implemented

If I could also suggest that while the selection on items from the right hand panel is a good idea if there are only a few items to choose from and the purchase list is not long, it can be quite time consuming to have to do a search for an item and then have to select it, whereas the alternative would be the option to type the code into the item box within the pos purchase list and press tab to get to the qty field.

anyway just suggestions

With regards to the changes I made to the form, I removed some fields from the sales invoice form, but when I went into the actual form, those fields were still there. On my test system is it meant to allow me to change the forms or is that only on my own downloaded version.



No the test system is the same as the live system (there is only one version)

In POS, there is an Item Search box!