Strict Employee Permissions in Loan & Loan Application

In loan and loan application, the employee restriction does not work,
because there is no link field from Employee,

so every employee can show all loans and loan applications.

the issue has solved by
adding new field
Options= Employee,
Fetch From=,
Hidden= checked

this solution has done by @Akram_Mutaher, thanks Akram for your assistant.

Hi @alkuhlani

This is not really a solution but more of a workaround. For example, all existing Loans and Loan Applications will still be visible to all staff (Employee role)!

The cause of the issue is that the Applicant field is a Dynamic Link field rather than a Link field

Opened a Github Issue Loans are visible to all Employees [Urgent Fix Required] · Issue #19654 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

This requires an urgent fix!


@wale, you are correct,
it’s a temporary solution.