Stripe Integration - updated

We are pleased to announce the release of an updated Stripe payment integration for ERPNext supporting shopping cart checkout, email payments, offline subscriptions, card readers and Point of Sale:

  • All Stripe payment methods supported including Cards, Wallets, Direct Debit, SEPA, Klarna and many more
  • Website and card-present card reader payments (contact us for mobile bluetooth)
  • ERPNext Payment Request support
  • ERPNext (>14.16.0) Point-of-Sale integration (contact us for POSAwesome integration)
  • One-off and recurring offline payments (subscriptions)
  • Payments in 46 countries & 135+ currencies
  • Unlimited and free, just an additional 0.3% fee on top of standard Stripe fees

It has also been released on frappe cloud but is awaiting review and release.

More information: