Stripe integration: Where is the portal page to accept payment for an invoice?

I’ve setup Stripe integration and I’m looking for how the process works for accepting customer payments for invoices. I’m assuming it’s a portal page. I see the ability the view invoices, but not to pay them. Where would I find this?


Have you enabled Checkout from Shopping Cart Settings?
Refer here,

Create a payment gateway first.

For a non-POS/non-Shopping cart invoice, you can use Payment Request:

In the Payment Request, select the Payment Gateway. The system then generates a link and sends it out to the users to pay.

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Great! Thank you!

Stripe Payments are being done without OTP confirmation from the customer
When contacted Stripe… the resolution they provided was…
that the api being used is old and the api needs to be updated
any pointers on this

If the above solved the issue, can u kindly mark it as “solution “ please?

Issue not solved
Abandoned Stripe for Razorpay
Thanks and regards