Structural simplification of ERPNext modules

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I have attempted to re-group the forms within ERPNext to most closely align with underlying business function to facilitate ease of implementation -

Modules (New arrangement)

o Company
 Cost centers / locations
 Populate (Inventory, Supplier, Customer, Capital, HR - Master info)
 Chart of Accounts (auto-generate inventory, customer, supplier)
o Business activities
 Additional Forms and Fields (option to delete forms)
 Roles and Permissions / Authorizations
 Work flows (Form states and transitional rules)
o Global Settings
 Email & Settings
 Printing
 Integrations (Bank API, Shopify, Payment gateways)

o Leads
o Customer (Dimension Table)
o Sales Order (checkpoints: Draft, Approved, Production, Picked, Delivered)
o Sales Credits (checkpoints: Draft, Approved) - can be processed later
o Sales Invoice (checkpoints: Outstanding, Cheque, Paid) - consolidate with SO?
o On-going support (circular economy)
o Warranties (checkpoints : Draft, approved, not started, Closed)
o Ecommerce (Web Forms - Shopping cart, Surveys, Subscriptions)
o POS Settings
o Subscriptions

o Supplier Evaluations / credit checks
o Supplier (Dimension Table)
o Material Requests (checkpoint : Draft, approved, ordered, Rejected)
o Price Quotations
o Purchase order (checkpoints : On route, received quantities, back-approval)
o Credits
o Purchase Invoice (checkpoints : Outstanding, Paid)

Manufacturing - time driven cost allocations to support “resource revolution”)
o Inventory List (Dimension Table)
o Production orders (Requested, approved, completed)
o Timesheet (submitted, approved)
o Bill of Materials (linked to “Finished Goods” in Inventory Master)
o Bill of Operations (linked to “Finished Goods” in Inventory Master)
o Transfers

Human Resources
o Job Opening (Open, closed - child table : Applicant resumes)
o Employee (Dimension Table) - Sales, Purchasing, Manufacturing, Field, Admin)
o Recurring payroll payments and tax deductions w/ remittances
o Training events
o Performance appraisals
o Attendance
o Leave application (Submitted, approved)
o Loan application (submitted, approved)

Capital Assets - increasingly valuable as world moves towards automation and AI
o Asset research & purchase (submitted, approved)
o Asset Listing (Dimension Table) - Machines, Fleet, Office
o Schedule maintenance
o Schedule repair / replacement

  • Old modules
  • New Modules

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Good try. Efforts appreciated )

Well thought out. If this was how it was from the start it would been easier. But after 1 yr of invested time would be hard to switch. But hey, go on send create a new settings page or fork it and see how it goes. We will have something to compare it to.