Struggling to Understand Data Import

Hi there,

I am really struggling to understand how to correctly import Data,

Specifically with the linking of Doctypes.



I want to upload a customer, but the fields for

Default Price List

Are all link fields, So how do i upload them as a csv but also link the fields?

Do i have to do separate imports for each doctype?

In what order would i need to import the doctypes for them to now have errors?

I need help please
Thank you

I’m still a newbie but have had some good progress with imports.

Here are my notes for customers:
There are several tables involved: Customer, Contact, Address, Email, Dynamic Link, etc

Importing will need to be performed in several steps

  1. Import customer (basic data)
  2. Import Contacts
  3. Import addresses (note mobile number is the only searchable number).
  4. Update Customers and set Primary Address and Primary Contact to link tables (when importing select Update records).

I controlled the unique ID for the items. For example All my customers have a 1:1 relationship with contacts. I prefixed my customerID with “cont”+“customerID” to uniquely identify the contacts for the import. I tried a similar thing for the addresses as well. I didn’t like how it worked out for the addresses because when searching, it’s difficult to determine what the address is for. I ended up naming the address UniqeID the same name as the contact.

An important thing for me was setting the ‘Primary Address’ for the customer. I did this by updating the customer table with the following fields:
ID,Customer Primary Contact,Customer Primary Address,Primary Address

For the above ‘Customer Primary Address’ is the link name and ‘Primary Address’ is an “HTML” field for the address like:

255 Main St. <br>
MyTown, FL  33572<br>