Struggling with deployment frappe_docker erpnext+custom app


i have setup my local Environment working.
have a bench with installed apps frappe, erpnext and custom_app.
so far => fine…
Now i don’t know in with way correctly to modify the frappe_docker.

The gives only some info about the custom app without erpnext as i understand. (May i overlooked something)
And ends with
“Install like usual, except that when you set the INSTALL_APPS variable to erpnext,[custom]
May here i don’t get it what to do…

Did someone realize and explain me what steps im missing?

have someone an example Dockerfile/docker-compose.yml
I tryed to google it, but currently not rly successful…
i found an “custom_docker_frappe” repos. (GitHub - castlecraft/custom_frappe_docker)
But trying it throws may errors.
Seems not to be up to date or i miss it.

bg Desian

If the custom_frappe_docker repo didn’t work for you then I’ll have to build another repo for you eventually on this post.

If your app public? Someone can try building it?

The repos is not public.
But only kind of hello world app (archive on gDrive: custom_app)

it is only frech generated with name “custom_app”
two changes:
doc_events = {
“Delivery Note”: {
“validate”: “”

and the refered function:
import frappe
def do_something(doc, event):
frappe.msgprint(“Im doing something!”)

What i need than to is an lib “sepaxml” to use in the custom-app.
Do i need only to put this in “requeirements.txt”?

Yes you need to put it in requirements.txt