Stuck when running bench start


I just installed a fresh server on Debian 8. Everytime I install Frappe and run the bench start command I get stuck at:

Rebuilding item-dashboard.min.js

Any ideas?

Hi @Kenneth_Akers,

can you successfully run

$ bench build

? Did you install using the easy install using develop mode?


Thanks for the reply. Same thing. The build works fine and then it freezes on the bench start. I used easy install. Debian 8. Google Cloud.

Installed bench with python --develop --user frappe


What happens if you try to access the server when it is “stuck”? It is normal that the server process waits for requests after this. For example, after starting, this dev server looks just like yours (has some other things to build, but other than that the same):


As soon as you open a connection from a browser (i.e. http://localhost:8000/), it continues

In dev mode, the server thread needs to be kept open…

Hope this helps.


Thanks so much for helping me troubleshoot this. Never had any problems in the past before.

Still stuck when accessing the IP from the browser:

This seems more like a connection issue. Can you check whether your frappe server runs on port 8000 (default), your request also uses this port (http://(address):8000), and that it is accessible (firewalls, …)?

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