Stuck with ERPNext setup wizard in Virtual Box ubuntu 14

Hi all

I am new in ERPNext witch i’ll used in our institute,
i download Virtual Box for Erpnext -production under ubuntu 14 ,
i run the Virtual Box Erpnext-production and login with username:“frappe” password:“frappe”.
i set IP of the Host and IP of gust (VB ubuntu) and i test the connection with ping witch was right as shown here:

Than i access ERPNext form Host Browser by call
and i login with username:“Administrator” password:“admin”. Than is start Setup Wizard as shown here:

But it’s stuck with “Setting up” stage till Request Time out message appear.


i repeat it many times but i got the same result “Request Time Out” message.
Please,Could anyone follow my steps and tall me what is problem?

You can try the following commands :

Update bench config

bench config http_timeout 6000
bench setup supervisor && bench setup nginx

restart services such as root

supervisorctl reload && service nginx reload
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i try it , but it give me error: no such file or directory ./ sites/common_site_config.json

thanks its works
but after i run that command in frappe-bench directory


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