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Dear Folks,

I am trying to map our school assessment system over ERPnext education.
below are the settings
My academic year is: 2018-2019
Academic Term: I have my annual session divided into two terms. So, i create (First Term & Second Term) in ERPnext
Grading Scale: I have two different Grading Scale for different classes. I am done with it in ERPnext.
Assessment Group: I created two Assessment Groups (1st Term and 2nd Term) under 2018-2019 session.

I want to have similar kind of report from ERPnext.

Above report is an individual student report for First Term.
I created one assessment plan for two of my coursese as Maths_1st_Term and Arabic_1st_Term
and i created (F1,S,F2,Mid Term) as Assessment Criteria

how can i get similar report card from ERPnext.
At the end of 2nd Term, our report card is updated as follows. It has detailed information for 2nd Term and total score for 1st term. So, both can be avg to give final result.

Your suggestion and support is required.

Current result from ERPnext is as follows


I think Individual Student Report Generation tool will give this type of report card. That generates individual report card for individual term or with average at the end of the year

Yes, i saw that report but when i was trying to generate it. It gave me error message.
I may share the error message tomorrow.

Can you also guide me, how can i get more information - if i want to do a custom report !
any tutorial, blog etc

Dear Mr. Fawwad,

where did you prepare your exams (formative, summative, finals, …). Did you use ERP Next to print the exams and distribute them to the learners? How did you link the exams to the assessment plan?

Thank you,

Dear Catherine,

I planned and tried to explore ERPNext for my school but we didn’t use it due to lack of resources. So, now we have our solution on Google Suite.

Could you share a bit of your workflow with G Suite? I imagine you are using G Classroom, etc. But how are you tracking attendance / generating reports?

Yes, I am using Google G Suite for our school but for progress report, only Google Sheets are good enough for me.
So, Teachers have been provided Google Sheets with protected ranges to enter their marks.
Calculation is being performed in Google Sheet restricted fields
Data has been formatted and converge in a well formatted report in google sheet.
Teachers has to pick a student from a drop down menu to generate an Individual Student Report.

We have a plan to take it to web app in the future. If you need a demo or more information, feel free to ping me.