Student Email Address

In my school we use the Birth certification number not the Email, so I made a custom field for the Birth certification number. My Question is :

how to remove the required and unique mark from the field from the student applicant.

Please take in consideration:
It’s a system default field and upon enrolling it’s fetched to the student doctype as a unique value.

Any advice how to avoid this ?!Screenshot%20from%202021-12-28%2023-00-23

Check education settings.

Did not find anything related there

You need check skip user creation for students.

It is not possible to change default fields. If you really want to remove it from your interface, I’d suggest generating a, then marking the field hidden.

Can you tell how to generate ?!

I just looked into it, and student_email_id is mandatory only if you’ve got erpnext set to create new user accounts for each student. If you don’t need that, you can make email non-mandatory by turning that off in education settings.

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Thanks a million