Student Group Vs Batch

Am getting a little bit confused how you can effectively uses batches in erpnext as well as student group. All i understand is that a student group is a “Class”. How about a batch? kindly clarify and how both can be used when assigning courses.

Trying to clearify.

A class is parent Group, for example, Class 10th. while group & batches are child nodes of this parent node.
Looks like, batches & groups are similar, but No. School where the strength of students are huge, they further divided into batches & groups, however there is no necessity to use if strength of students are less.

Let’s understand with an example.
Batches: Class 10th A-batch which might start on session date 01 May while Class 10th B-batch which might be commenced classes from 01 July. So, this is the batch.

Students Groups: Class 10th A-batch has a strength of 90 students, while Physics labs have a strength of 30 seats only, similar 30 students for chemistry and rest 30 are on the playground. So, Batch divided into Students Groups.

So, mind it at the time of scheduling time-table and assigning courses. :grinning:
Hope, this will help you.

Thanks alot this is really intuitive. I have understood the concept between the 2. However as you have stated in your example that 10th is the class, where in ERPNext do you set this up cause all i can see is batch setup and Student group setup, there is no class setup. Please clarify on this.

On a real scenario assume we have 5th class with the following sub groups:

5th A - 20 Students
5th B - 25 Students
5th C - 30 Students
5th D - 25 Students

In 5th A, out of 20 students 10 are physics/chemistry and 10 are mathematics/History
In 5th B, out of 25 students 15 are physics/Geography and 10 are mathematics/Arts
In 5th C, out of 30 students 15 are Music/chemistry and 15 are mathematics/History
In 5th D, out of 25 students 10 are physics/Music and 15 are mathematics/History

How will you setup the above scenario in ERPNext? i.e How wiil you setup the Batch, Student Groups and the Class

@ben Honestly, I just have a deep demo of Education ERPnext domain, about 6-8 months ago. I also, get confused and clarified it own via documentation & practical. I roughly remember, that if Class is present or not.

If not, Definitely configure 5th A,B,C,D as batch and Physics, Chemistry, Music, Maths as a group. Hope, you resolved this confusion now.

Hi @ben ,
Student Group is the generic document for any kind of possible groups of students.Let me explain this in detail.

There can be three types of groups.

  1. Batch based groups - If you want to create group for the whole class or batch irrespective of course opted
  2. Course-based groups - Self-explanatory
  3. Activity-based groups - If you want to create some random group for field visit or any extracurricular activity.

Now let’s say for the Standard 10th, there are two section/batches and student have to study 4 mandatory or 1 elective course (chosen by the student). Now there can be these possible groups.

Batch based group for the standard 10 section A
Batch based group for the standard 10 section B
Course-based group for the standard 10 Maths
Activity-based group for the standard 10 for field trip
Batch Based group for the standard 10

Now in the reports and other documents, like attendance tool either the student’s groups are filtered as required or you have to select the student group type and students groups will be filtered accordingly. Reports are also generated as accordingly to the student group type.

Hope this resolved your query.


Thanks. I have understood know. Kindly close this. Its now resolved.