Student import: Including student category in student-applicant doctype

Hi @ManasSolanki,

We are evaluating ERPNext for a group of institutions. We need to import a lot of students into the system that belong to different categories.At present, We have the option for specifying student category only during program enrollment. This is cumbersome when you are importing a lot of students into the system. Why is the student category field missing from student-applicant doctype. It would help in importing at one shot.

Please help us in this regard. Even better would be if you can elaborate us on the best practices while importing students.

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Hey @mujeerhashmi

You can add one custom field in the student-applicant doctype for the student category. This can ease your data import. Earlier the purpose of the student category is to separate out the student on the basis of their fee structure. That’s the reason it is there in the student enrollment. Though I am not sure about the current implementation.

Regarding the best practice, you can use add your custom docfield in different doctype, that’s kind of normal practice in ERPNext.


Thanks for the response. I am using student category as you mentioned to apply different fee structure.
I did the following changes to get through this

  • Custom docfield “Student Category” in the Student Applicant and Student doctype.
  • When student is enrolled, I need to copy this field into Program Enrollment doctype. Which required minor change in the “enroll_student” api code.

Now, I won’t be required to add the student category manually into program enrollment for each student.

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Hey @mujeerhashmi,

Good issue you’ve raised and I can see you have made a pull request to address this issue.

Now, I am wondering, how would it work if a student belongs to several categories?
Why couldn’t it?

Shouldn’t we make a model where a student can belong to several cateogry?



Actually it all depends on what you want to achieve by it. Student category was designed for making different fee structure based on it.

Student group is something you may want to explore. A student may belong to different groups at the same time.

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