Student Report Generation Tool doesnt display student results on report printing

When i try generate student report, it comes blank as shown below after selecting the filters:

When you click print report card a blank report is generated in PDF as follows yet the student has marks:

Kindly advice am using ERPNEXT version 12

Did u try in version 11. I did try, but it also does not bring any result only blank page, sort of site can’t be reached error. Any person who did it right, please post.

Yes i tried with both 11 and 12 but still the same error…I suppose this is a bug. Have already posted it on Github:

Does not seem like it is resolved in version 13 either… is it? Anyone has had success?

still exist in V13, and V14,i can confirm it

why no one care, about fixing Education module bugs, it really unusable with the current state, there more than Two fatal Error, stops your from making the normal workflow, rather than the need to modificate some elements, to became worldwide usable

Hello Ali,
Thanks to @Jannat_Patel this bug is now fixed in v14.
I was recently able to update my tenant and it is working.

Best regards,

We created a custom report for the Student Report Card for one of the School here in Tonga. We make use of the panda to create the Student Report Card.

Hi @sione … Could you explain about it a bit more?

@Finny_Philip : We created a Report,
Report Type : Script Report
Ref DocType : Assessment Result
Is Standard : Yes
From the Assessment Result we get the student_id, academic_term and program and fetch from the database the student, student_name, course, score, grade.
Using Panda Data Manipulation and Data Transformation to maps course name in and order.
Panda Data Aggregation (DataFrames) create a pivot table each student with their courses and final score.