Student Scorecard

I’m little bit confused on how to manage student scorecard in School module.

Is there any tutorial?

Fot example. Create e.g daily, weekly, mobthly exam sthen instructor can give scores for each student for each subject…then per semester and in final academic year, the scores are accumulated based on define formulas to get final scorecard academic report… Is this possible using School module… Can we define formulas for scoring?


Hi @jof2jc,
For managing the student scores, School module has assessment sub-module. You can create assessment plan to assess students based on different criteria. Also, the assessment can be grouped together to accumulate the final scores. Generating reports based on the final scorecard is currently WIP and will be finished soon.

@ManasSolanki thanks for your answer… I’m on V7.1… I cannot define formula to calculate score composition.

E.g. create assessment 1 to 10 within 1 semester…but this only contribute 30% for final score etc…

At the end of academic year…based on given formula…previous compositions are calculated to generate final scorecard report.

Is this possible?