Students' attendance uploading

Hi all,

Is it possible to Upload attendance of Students in ERPNext?
or by a minor changes in the code /fields?


Unfortunately this feature is not available as of now. Would you mind creating a Github issue for the feature suggestion.


It’s much easier to update attendance using Student Attendance Tool. For the quick ERPNext Schools demo, check:

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Since many institutions are now using biometric attendance devices, I hope there could be some way of integrating these devices into ERPNext, probably using APIs?

Almost all devices write data to a database and have tools to export to CSV which could be imported into ERPNext. If this could be automated (maybe by plugins?), it would be fantastic.

Just a thought.

Hello @Amalendu, @umair, @Jagan

You can integrate the biometric machine with ERPNext with the help of Web API support. CAMS provides the various biometric machines which can communicate with your hosted erp application, where whenever a attendance gets registered in the machine the erp application will be called instantly. Please refer the API documentation for more details…