Studio app creator!

Have been evaluating erp’s for my small business, and erpnext seems to be one the most suitable.
I have also looked at odoo and am really impressed by their new app-maker. I believe that if we are able to make something similar for erpnext, it’ll be a big boost for the project.

This is specially true since each business has different needs and erpnext team can only do so much. This will really allow the community (not just developers) to really pitch-in and enhance the scope of ERPNext.

Feature List -

One thing I’d like to add to the list of features is ability to share the app created, back with community.

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Don’t forget the Odoo Studio is not in the community edition of Odoo - you have to pay for it

Yes absolutely. If there’s enough interest, we (the community) can pitch in financially or work with developers to add this feature to ERPNext. I’m not sure what kind of bounty we can be looking at.

I’ve been reading through the discussion forums and see a lot of feature requests but not as much progress as one would like.

I feel that this could be the means to really boost the ecosystem by adding new features in form of industry/business specific small apps.

Create Issue in Github and create a bounty for it

Then see how it goes

From my understanding this is already in erpnext. You can already customize and add new forms in the system.


yes, its already built-in

Awesome, do you think ability we can add ability to easily share these customizations as add-on apps?

I’m developing some modules/app for odoo now.
As i know, studio is not free, and if you try/use it to develop a app/module, then your client will need to buy/install the studio. Because the app developed with studio depends the “studio”.

You can host your apps on github, gitlab and any other public repository and then share the repository to the community. :slight_smile:
You can then install the app to your local bench using the following:

bench get-app name_of_app
bench --site name_of_your_site install-app name_of_app
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This would be extremely useful in ERPNEXT