Stumped: Letterhead missing from all email pdfs

Hey all, so recently I migrated our ERPNext installation to a new server, and ever since, I haven’t been able to get letterheads to show in pdf’s. The pagination (no extra blank) and layout is all fine, except every document print that gets emailed, is missing the letterhead in the pdf.

  • Hostname is set properly
  • Letterhead is enabled on print in doc
  • Letterhead is set to default
  • Testing with a simple text letterhead didn’t show either
  • Tried enabling/disabling “Repeat Header/Footer…”

I have no idea what would be happening, unless it’s something to do with wkhtmltopdf that has to be upgraded?


@superlack are you using port based multi-tenancy?

If your image needs to be accessible via wkhtmltopdf

I only have the one site running on my installation currently. I’m able to produce the letterheads on pdf’s saved from the browser, but only when sent as an email, the pdf gets generated without. I think wkhtmltopdf is finding the images correctly, and the issue is present when using text letterhead aswell

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Come to think of it, I should ask, what is the reccomended way to re-install wkhtmltopdf with patched QT? Or from your knowledge, would these be symptoms of it?

Hi @superlack,

Were you able to resolve the issue?

Grateful if you could share the solution.

Best Regards,