Styling Documentation

Is there any doc that explains how to style ERPNExt (not the website)?

Can you please elaborate your requirement of Styling?

I would like to change font sized, styles and header bar colors. Thanks

Since ERPNext is a browser based application, you can manage size from browser (like by zooming in).

For now, no option to change color for top bar etc.

Oh ok. Is there any future plan to customize?

Sorry as it is not in our roadmap. You can search/create Github Issue for the same.

I hope styling requirement is not stopping you from using ERPNext? Always best to elaborate your requirement with the usecase, so that we can support you better.

Absolutely no. We are actively developing our own modules. Do you think I can hire someone to do this mod for me? I mean… I see there are CSS files in the source…

Will be great if you develop this in core and send a pull request. Best would be create a Github Issue, so that technical experts can share there views.

To hire a developer/service provider, you can post a job from here.

If you override the base and web html page in your app , it will change the erpnext style