Sub-contacting process

In sub- contacting process we supplied raw material sheet after vendor work on that . that sheet against he is creating PART NO A1,A2,A3,A4,A5, this scenario how to handle in erpnext

Raise a Purchase Order for Part No. A1, A2 … etc. Add each sheet in its BOM.
Refer to

Dhanajay sir thank for your revert
So There is number of Part no so I need to create bom against that part no and mentioned there sheet consumption each part consumption. I need
put to separately every time?

There is so many part no. That setup for subcontract every time manually its possible
Its take lot of time we have limited manpower

There any reverse bom process in Erpnext. ?
Either I need to customize ?

Harshal Nirmal

You can use the Data Import Tool to create several items and boms at once.

Thanks you so much for your revert
Can I customize as per our requirements ?

Harshal Nirmal

Avoid customization when you are starting out. It turned out to be a much better approach for us.

Dear dhananjay sir thank for suggestion

Harshal Nirmal