Sub contracting "non stock item"

Sub contracting in PO was working fine in version 13.0, but after update to 14.0 i am only able to add non stock items. Any item with maintain stock selected does not show up.

  1. Customize the Purchase Order look for Is Old Subcontracting Flow and uncheck the Hidden and the Read Only checkboxes.
  2. If the Purchase Order is subcontracting, check Is Old Subcontracting Flow.

Good luck.

Hi, Tried the option given but still the same result.
Is there any other method where i can create a subcontracting purchase order.

Hi @engineering @tdci ,

In version 14, for subcontracting the item should be non-maintain stock as per the manual but in subcontracting process on transferring the raw materials to supplier and receiving FG item from supplier will be the process.

I am also facing same issues, subcontracting items it should not be non stock item.