Sub Task in Task for Project

How to create sub task ?

Project :
Design House


  1. Design Bedroom
  2. Design Kitchen
  3. Design Hall

Sub Task for
Design Bedroom
1.1 Design Bed
1.2 Design Wardrobe
1.3 Design Study Table

Design Kitchen
2.1 Design Platform
2.2 Design Storage

Design Hall
3.1 Design Sofa
3.2 Design Coffee Table
3.3 Design TV Area

Note : Dependent Task are not sub task, they are just task at the project level and are showing dependency on each other.

I need sub task which are not shown in the project task table, but are visible in the task document as child table having same functionality as that of an task.

something like chart of account tree structure.

any ideas , or need to create Sub-Task custom doctype ?

Currently this functionality is not there but work is in progress to make tree structure of Tasks.

Glad to hear this is being added. I would also suggest a way save sub-tasks into groups for reuse. An example, using the details in the original post, would be a way to select a “design bedroom preset” which would auto create sub task, “design bed”, “design wardrobe” and “design study table”.

I know we use the same few sub-tasks repeatedly and it is a waste of time to constantly have to retype them.

May I ask when is expect to see the Sub Task Function ready.

It is already available in version 10

Any solution toward without re-typing