Subcontract logic help

can somebody please please help me
iam just not able to get my subcontracting right
can anybody helpme out with this example
item - sm-fc-01-01-prt
the above item has got the following process
rm-al-d50 - this is the alumunium raw material - price 200 - pricelist 2017
sm-fc-01-ctl - goes to vendor A for cutting - price 5 - pricelist 2017
sm-fc-01-cnc - goes to vendor B for cnc turning - price 150 - pricelist 2017
sm-fc-01-anz - goes to vendor C for Anodoizing - price 50 - pricelist 2017
I have created items for all the above
how do I do the BOM
should I call this —sm-fc-01-01-prt
and put the following under to create a Bom
If I do this, I will not be able to raise a PO for a single vendor
please help
I am really stuck

To explain and access your problem case, a representative test would be ideal here @krishnanhemanth

With make_bom, assemblies and subassemblies, subcontracted items etc and the elements you refer to, these example tests might give you clues:


Another approach is to relate your case to this ‘BOM-Wind Turbine-S-001’ working example:

Thanks for the reply clarkej
shall look in to the examples you have suggested
Thanks again

So this problem has to do with logic while this similar one below has to do with flow?

Hi Clarkej
what I meant and in confusion is about subcontracting
Logic - a certain way to build a Bom
flow - After creating the Bom, raising the Po