Subcontract process in erpnext

Hi, Team
I have gone through the process flow in the documentation
And it looks like to me this process assumes the raw material which needs to be provided to the subcontractor B is first received into buyer A’s owner warehouse and then issued/transferred from this warehouse to subcontract’s warehouse.
However, in some cases, we expect the raw material (which is purchased from another supplier let’s say Supplier C), and when we send purchase order to supplier C, we specify it to delivery to Supplier B’s warehouse directly. This means that we would need to specify the receiver address of the raw material purchase order is Supplier B’s warehouse address instead of buyer’s warehouse.
Can we support this process or how to that?

Thanks a lot.

Watch above video. Hope this would be helpful for U.

This is very helpful, but this is the process I understood as well.
However the scenario I described above will not have the material transfer step for the subcontracting step anymore, because the raw material has been sent directly to the subcontractor’s warehouse.
And it appears we can not skip this step in the current process