Subcontract & stock transfer Delivery Notes

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At our company majority of the parts are outsourced. We send out Raw material, get them processed and get them back. When we send out the material, it is required to send the delivery note with the details and qty of the material sent. But ERPNext has no option to generate Delivery Note for subcontracting. How is this been handled?



Adding to the above. Delivery notes/ stock transfer notes are also needed while moving material between our different warehouses. This is a Statutory requirement while material is in transit.

Any tips on how its managed on ERPNext?


try stock entry

stock entry can be used for moving good from 1 warehouse to another

Also you can look into Material Request , type = Material Transfer

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Thanks Rishabbh,

Stock entry will be made but no shipping document is generated by it. Though stock entry is printable, its not a valid document for shipping the material.

When a material is being physically moved by road or other means, document stating the dispatch location and delivery location is needed (Basically a transfer/transit document). Currently I am unable to find any such document generated by ERPNext.

Am I right about this or is there any other way within the system that I am unable to figure out?


To know the process for subcontracting in the erpnext, please check

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I have gone through the documentation in detail. There is no answer there.


We use Stock Entry document for transferring materials to supplier warehouse. YOu can create a print format for stock entry to send it to the supplier.

I had thought about that idea before but didn’t dig into it thinking it wouldn’t work as we only define warehouses and no direct link to supplier. Now that you mentioned again I did go back and saw that we can also input address into warehouse details. So now its just about print format then.

Thanks Nabin. You were of great help.

Just a thought
As the stock transfer and Delivery note work is primarily done by Shop-floor employees or store in-charge, a button with “Create Delivery note” in Stock transfer will be a good feature. Also if a Gate Pass document is generated along with Delivery note, that would be nice feature too. Gate pass document is a standard practice in all manufacturing companies. (And I personally feel traceable Gate pass is necessary for manufacturing setups).


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