Subcontracting a sheet painting with cost estimation

Hello all,
In subcontracting under the manufacturing module, if we have a sheet material that we outsource as a subcontract for job work. For the given sheet, it undergoes multiple layers of process where the sheet is chipped out, scrapes are generated, and finally spray painting work is done. For a given sheet material, it is possible to estimate the amount of scrape generated and the amount of paint required for the given job. Is it possible to do this in subcontract module? The bill that the subcontractor gives for the job work seems too high. If we could estimate the cost when giving a subcontract, we can figure out the places where the subcontractor is charging way too high.

How will you keep track of the scraps and other operational costs happening in your subcontractor’s location?

Will they be providing reliable data? Or is it going to be an estimate of the actual?

If you want it to be an estimate that includes the cost in the subcontracting order itself, why not just map everything in the subcontracting BOM itself?

keeping track of scraps - I will know the sq.feet size of each sheet I am giving them and for each thickness it goes through different punching, chipping and grinding process followed by painting. with surface area of the sheet, I can estimate the amount of paint it will need. also same size has to be punched out from sheet and I can estimate the scrape amount also that way.

So it is going to be the estimate of the actual sheet that is given to sub contractor as their raw material.

Here depending on each size of the sheet, the estimate will vary. I am checking if there is a possible way to do this estimation based on the sheet size that I am choosing.

Is it not possible to create a subcontracting BOM with the expected scrap and other wastages and operational costs involved?

And you can include that in the subcontracting BOM right?

Should that not work?

let me try that and ask if I have any more questions on it. thanks so much @Void_Moon